***Originally posted at www.teapartydiscussion.com 11/2/2010

Officially born in 2009, a million headed grassroots uprising called Taxed Enough Already set out to save the United States of America. Guided by our founding documents and tired of being marginalized and sitting out of the process, normal everyday Americans who believe in our nation’s goodness and greatness took up the mantle of Patriot. Loving God, their families and friends and proclaiming liberty and justice for all, we set out to war against growing tyranny. Hitting back at the mockery of the far left, we will assert our authority as citizens in the majority. We have decided to be silent/silenced no more.
Building on earlier triumphs in 2010, both in general and primary elections, our first great victory will be the midterms of Nov. 2. The republican party is only the vessel for the message of the TEA party. We will turn on them in an instant if they shun that message. We will sweep them into control of the House and possibly even the Senate on that day (as well as most Governors seats). They will be on probation until 2014 – after a new President is elected – also by Us. We The People have risen and WE are in charge; our representatives will hear that over and over again. We recognize socialism by any name (progressivism) is anathema to our Republic. Liberty will be defended. We recognize the very simple truth that more government = less freedom for the governed. Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, Moderates, Democrats and Independents of all colors and creeds have united over this cause. Government must be restrained and limited and shrunken. Taxes will NOT be raised, spending WILL be cut. Legislation will never again be crafted behind closed doors, legislators bribed for their votes, and passed by sleight of hand without being read. We will not allow it. NO MORE BAILOUTS. FOR ANYONE. EVER. Repeal/remove all previous legislation and government bureaucracies (including entire departments) that waste our money/don’t work/are contrary to these principles. NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR AMERICA. Be humbled by the positions you have been elected to, do not be self-aggrandizing. Never put your political party over your Country. We will be watching you…

Further, I propose the following:

To reduce endless campaigning and monetary influence: As with the President, all House and Senate members shall be limited to 2 terms. To reinforce the Citizen-servant ideal: Salaries of every member of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches shall be $50,000 per year maximum. NO PENSIONSImplement the Fair Tax thereby eliminating the IRS.