***Originally posted at www.teapartydiscussion.com 11/4/2010

Supported/voted for:
1992 = Perot
1996 = Perot
2000 = Buchanan
2004 = Bush
2008 = worked on Rudy Giuliani‘s campaign, then enthusiastically supported McCain/Palin

Was quite left-leaning in many areas growing up until the mid 90s in college. It was then the scales started to fall from my eyes and I realized that the real danger in American culture and in our politics were Leftist ideals. The Left (“progressive-ism”) is the true bastion of hatred, bigotry and intolerance. It demands Thought Policing and by its very nature restricts liberty. It dawned on me (thank God) that common sense (and my Christianity) demanded I be the opposite of that – we have come to call that “conservative”. So I am and will always be. In our government, the slow creep of Leftist policy infected both our great parties. To steal a great woman’s phrase, Socialism sounds great until you run out of other people’s money. That is the point we are at now. I knew an Obama/Pelosi/Reid administration would send us speeding down the Progressive (Socialist) slope, and so we are. But I am one of those who realizes he needs to do more. Millions are awakening across this land and we will be forever called the Tea Party movement.

Some of the strongest, smartest, unafraid conservative voices/writers that I love and have helped me over the years are:
Michael Medved
Dennis Prager
Glenn Beck
Tammy Bruce
Bill Bennett
Ann Coulter

Despite my record above, I do not endorse a third party solution at this time. Changing the system from within is what is needed – heck, it worked for the Left for 80 years – now it’s my turn.