Let’s be honest, I will be voting for/supporting/helping the campaign of whomever the Republican nominee is next year. I know this because the Progressive/socialist slide has got to be stopped at all levels beginning with the Presidency and because nearly all the prospective candidates are unabashed pro-Constitution, limited government Conservatives. Too early you say? Well the first debate is scheduled for May 2, so hats will be in the ring very soon. I wanted to put my thoughts out there now and go through the names and give you my thoughts on each.

Fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin:  My heart says yes but my head says no. As much as the MSM would love for her to be the nominee (so she could be defeated by their Dear Leader), even if she did try, I don’t think she would win. For me, it was when she resigned the governorship. She should remain the force that she is, outside the process. I think she senses this too. Gut feeling, not running.

Fmr. Gov. Mitt Romney:  We saw him in 2008. Lots going for him, but “romneycare” may doom him.  I like him but seems a little too “slick” at times. Would be a formidable opponent for Obama with his business background. Definitely running.

Fmr. Gov. Mike Huckabee: Saw him in 2008 also. Hasn’t changed since then. Good VP choice but not President. Something is just missing. Very likeable and genuine though. Would give Obama a run for it, but has a great life right now. Gut feeling, not running.

Fmr. Gov. Tim Pawlenty:  Wouldn’t have minded him being the VP choice for McCain. Lots to like. The only thing holding him back in my mind is a tinge of “typical politican”; that will rub people the wrong way but he may overcome it and would be bad news for Obama. Definitely running.

Rep. Michele Bachmann: TEA party backer from the beginning; would make some waves in the primaries for sure, but the work she is doing in Congress is too important. Gut feeling, not running.

Sen. Jim DeMint: see Bachmann.

Sen. Marco Rubio/Sen. Rand Paul/Gov. Nikki Haley/Rep. Allen West: Elected directly by the TEA parties, just getting started. Not this time, but the future is bright for all 4.

Gov. Chris Christie/Gov. Bobby Jindal/Gov. Rick Perry:  All of these governors are doing great at home, none will run.

Hon. Rudy Guiliani:  My Man in 2008. If he couldn’t win then, he certainly won’t now. He may try if he sees an opening for a “moderate”. Still, I believe he would defeat Obama in a general election. If Palin/Huckabee don’t run, he won’t either.

Gov. Mitch Daniels:  Meh. Nothing that stands out to me. Probably running.

Fmr. Sen. Rick Santorum:  Too divisive for a general election, would get crushed by Obama. But social conservatives will give him a look. Probably running.

Fmr. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich: He’s a good historian, author and lecturer, but his time has passed long ago. Is a symbol of the “old guard” – career politician gone bad. He needs to go away. Probably running unfortunately.

Gov. Haley Barbour:  “Down home” southern boy, smart guy, good leader, will have a tough time in the general. 50/50 chance.

Sen. John Thune: A serious candidate from a small state (SD). Depends on how he handles the nationwide process. Has potential to be the nominee, and even President, but can he raise enough money? Probably running.

Rep. Ron Paul:  Frankly, Ron Paul has a screw loose. He’s a great Libertarian voice in the House, and should stay there. Has a RABID band of supporters who will accept nothing but him (nobody else lives up to his perfect libertarianism). Both he and they are an impediment. They talk a big game, routinely badmouthing opponents, but get almost no votes in primaries as 2008 showed. Stands no chance against Obama. 50/50 chance, unfortunately.

Fmr. Gov. George Pataki: Meh. Another has-been looking for a “moderate” opening. He may jump in but then bow out very quickly.

And then there is my choice…the best of all worlds, the man who can defeat Obama, redefine the conservative movement and the TEA party to the world at large, and has the experience and common sense we need so badly…

CEO/Fed. Chief/Author/radio host/cancer survivor/TEA party backed Herman Cain. True outsider, check. Knows sound economic policies (IE fiscal conservative), check. Would fight hard and smart against Islamo-Nazi terror (IE foreign policy conservative), check. Social conservative down the line, check. The more you find out about this man, the more amazed you are. Has the money and will to win the nomination. And in a general election will basically “out-Obama” Obama. He’s a better speaker (hard to believe but true), he’s smarter, he’s not duplicitous, and frankly he’s “blacker”. As a TEA party patriot, he has my unequivocal support. So hopefully you will be hearing about him more and more as the months progress. Please go to www.hermancain.com , www.draftcain.org  and watch him obliterate then-President Clinton on government run health care here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WP5dYfBBzU

A poll just out today in Georgia has Cain tied with Romney and beating Palin and he won outright in another poll at Redstate…so the support is building. Can’t wait to see how his plan unfolds. Rest assured he has one. 🙂

So I guess I am projecting the field to feature at least 8 candidates to unseat President Obama. Should be very fun to see play out over the next year. Of course, there is a Senate to be wrested from the Left’s control as well…more about that in the future. CAIN 2012!