Donald Trump

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

I really love CPAC. It’s the annual meeting in DC called the “Conservative Political Action Conference” for those who don’t know. Not a monolithic echo chamber, rather a gathering of the Tribes of conservatism. Some things are agreed on, some things are not. And this is very healthy. Rugged Individualism is really on display there and that’s a great all-American trait. Michele Bachmann does not equal Mitt Romney does not equal Orin Hatch does not equal Herman Cain does not equal Donald Rumsfeld does not equal Donald Trump does not equal Ron Paul. The TEA party was well represented. The gay/lesbian GOProud was there. The “paleo-cons and “neo-cons” were there. Fiscal conservatives, social conservatives and foreign policy conservatives all took turns. Some people embody all 3 of those “legs”, but many do not. One thing they could all agree on was the need to immediately stop America’s slide into socialism. Some differ on how to get there, some distrust others visions on the subject, but the agreement is there and we can work together. On balance, we severely outnumber the Progressives, but they have outworked us. That time is coming to an end, if it hasn’t already.

I listed to many of the speeches and panels, and of course I was looking forward to Herman Cain’s the most. While he didn’t officially announce he is running for President (nor did anyone else), he delivered. I would rate Cain’s the best, Trump’s the most “entertaining” and Ron Paul’s the worst. Not because I disagree with Paul (though I do) but because he has no sense of actual history (our first 4 Presidents all led us into “foreign wars” for instance). What makes it more annoying is his army of “Young Americans for Liberty” that scream their heads off in approval at every chance they get and voraciously boo any dissenters. Trump was absolutely right about Paul being unelectable. He’s not even electable in a presidential primary in his home state (4.87% in 2008). He is right about some stuff too, and everyone today would love to see the Federal Reserve audited. Donald Trump is angry at the Chinese and wants the US to be respected again, but that’s about all I get from him. His name recognition is through the roof, but Romney and Cain have better business track records. I hope he doesn’t run, though the exposure it would get Cain in the debates would be most welcome…

If money/time allows, maybe I will be there next year and I can deliver a first hand account of the festivities right here in this space. 🙂