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Other than the Super Bowl, it the greatest sporting event in the world. And it is now upon us! These “play-in games” are a cute little gimmick but we all know the real Tournament begins today. One and done is the only way to play – so the NBA, NHL and MLB playoffs can all kiss my 1/4 Irish butt.

I am huge Duke fan, I pick them every year to win, now we are Defending Champs! This year is no different as I pick them to win it all. If Kyrie Irving somehow plays, it is a very real probability. It seems each season there is one player who puts the team on his back and carries them far…this time I think we will all become very familiar with Jimmer Fredette and his BYU team, as I predict they will play Duke for the Championship. I foresee Duke and Kansas as #1 seeds making it to the Final Four, along with BYU and Kentucky catching fire (and beating Ohio State) in the East region. I say the other #1 seed Pitt goes down to a pissed-off Utah State squad. Notre Dame will push Kansas to the limit but fall short in the Southwest. Syracuse will summon their early season success and make it to the East final but come up short against Kentucky. And San Diego State will give Duke all they can handle, but you can’t get in the way of destiny. 😉

Blue Moon and/or Sam Adams will be enjoyed this evening and all weekend! Enjoy it.