The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

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One week from tomorrow night the action gets started! It may be the only NFL we get for a while, so be sure to live it up. I know I will be. 🙂  First, some last-minute adjustments to my previously posted rankings.

Taiwan Jones is up to my #6 RB. My spidey-sense tells me he could be the next Chris Johnson; small school guy who looks too skinny but his incredible speed and moves gets him on the field early and then the sky is the limit? I don’t have to guts to put him in the top 5 tough…

I have also made some slight moves elsewhere: Virgil Green up to my #5 TE, Cameron Jordan up to my #6 DE and Ahmad Black up to my #3 S. Now that I’m ready to go out on a limb, my annual bust/bargain lists!

Will be drafted too high/busts:

QB Jake Locker

CB Brandon Harris

DT Nick Fairley

RBs Roy Helu, Shane Vereen, Mikel Leshoure

I am of the opinion that the Redskins are only interested in 2 players for their first pick – the only guys who really fit the Shanahan QB mold – Cam Newton and Jake Locker. PLEASE PLEASE take Locker!  I think he will be a huge bust, mostly because you can’t teach accuracy. I am betting that Carolina takes Newton #1. Harris seems like a decent enough player but not starting caliber. Fairley seems like Haynesworth Jr in every way, good and bad. He would be off my board if I am a GM. DaQuan Bowers is the real wild card – how far will he fall? Leshoure may be the first RB off the board but that would be a huge mistake, IMO.

Will be drafted too low/bargains:

If QBs Ryan Mallett and/or Colin Kaepernick aren’t taken in the 1st round, they are huge bargains

WRs Dane Sanzenbacher, Greg Little, Austin Pettis

S Ahmad Black

RBs Bilal Powell, Graig Cooper, Dion Lewis

Greg Little could be the next TO if he works hard enough – will he? Can’t wait to see what Kaepernick can do in the big leagues. Black is underwhelming in every way you can measure a guy yet he makes play after play after play. I would put CB Ras-I Dowling on this list, but I have a feeling he will be taken in the late 1st/early 2nd round after exceptional post-season workouts. If he has proven to be totally healthy, he could be a star in the making.  

How many QBs will be taken next Thursday anyway? Think only 2 or 3? These teams all need a QB ASAFP with Free Agency/trades/the entire offseason in limbo: Carolina, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Arizona, San Fran, Tennessee, Washington, Minnesota, Miami, Jacksonville, Seattle and I would say Kansas City too.  That’s 12 with an immediate need for a starter or starting caliber backup. I am betting a minimum of 5 QBs in the first round and 8 in the first two. It wouldn’t surprise me to see 6 or 7 taken in the first alone. Basically, in this year of uncertainty, teams cannot afford to wait. All the better for us draft nerds! Another wacky possibility: New England packages some of their 3,000 picks to move all the way up to #1 to grab AJ Green!! As always, feel free to comment with your thoughts.