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Let’s give credit where it is due. President Obama was has done a great job pursuing Bin Laden and it has finally paid off. He correctly continued the policies of the Bush administration in this regard and is to be commended. It is a great victory for the USA and for our commanders in chief. And specific credit to the awesome Navy SEALS!! Straight out of an action movie, these dudes are more than heroes. Mere coincidence that OBL was confirmed dead the very same day at Hitler, 66 years later?

I recently got a new iPod and am in the midst of the very long process of converting all the CDs in my music library (many hundreds) so I can carry all my tunes with me wherever I go. It just so happens that I got to the “I’s” yesterday afternoon and one of the last albums to be added was Iced Earth’s “The Glorious Burden”. When I got into the car this morning I knew what to do. Cranked up the stereo and put on Glorious Burden track 1, the gloriously bombastic heavy metal version of the Star Spangled Banner. Fist pumping in triumph; track 2 “Declaration Day” about July 4, 1776 rang true with the refrain “We’ll charge into the fire. The cause, we must inspire. We raise our fist to tyranny. A high price, Freedom is not free.” Then a song about 9/11 itself, “When the Eagle Cries”. And I cried too as I remembered, “Another day just like any other. Out of the blue it turned to horror. How could they? Why would they? The innocent suffered hell’s inferno. A senseless act that goes unforgotten. How could they? They will pay…. If need be, we’ll die free…”  Then came the moment we realized this meant war in “The Reckoning”: You went too far this time! For this heinous crime you will know defeat, begging on your knees. One by one you’ll fall, your back against the wall. Nowhere to turn, you’re sure to burn! Destiny’s called us, it’s the reckoning. This time it’s for blood, DON’T TREAD ON ME!

I sincerely pray that this signals the end of Shariah-based terrorism, but we must prepare for escalation. God bless the United States of America and her defenders.