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In what’s probably my last football related post for a long time (sniff), here is my recap of the draft, from a strictly NFC East perspective. I laughed when Tennessee took Jake Locker as their new franchise QB, was stupefied when the Vikings took Ponder over Mallett, and both laughed and was stupefied at the entire Seattle Seahawks draft. Seriously, WTF was that?!? So without further adieu, my 2011 draft recap…

Eagles (11 total):

1 Danny Watkins, G/T. Excellent pick to protect the Franchise QB. Will start immediately most likely at Guard but Justice is on notice at RT. It will hurt though if Jimmy Smith and/or Ras-I Dowling become stars…

2 Jaiquan Jarrett, S. A big reach in the 2nd round; he got 4th-6th round grades from everyone I saw. And he’s no shoe-in to displace Kurt Coleman even if Mikell does leave. Even if he does become a starter eventually, it’s still a bad pick.

3 Curtis Marsh, CB. A worthwhile gamble on a very raw CB who COULD develop into a big, physical starter if he takes coaching well. Decent pick, but will look too risky if they don’t add a starting CB in Free Agency.

4 Casey Matthews, ILB. Yeah, his name helped him, but a very worthwhile pick for a team with tons of questions at ILB. Is Bradley ever going back to MLB? Is Chaney really the answer? I clapped.

4 Alex Henery, K. Surprising, but an outstanding pick in another position in flux. Akers fate was sealed with this one, and frankly Henery may be just as good or better. I’m not buying the Punter talk.

5 Dion Lewis, RB. When this pick came up, I was hoping for him or Noel Devine. Looks like Dion had more respect.  Really excited to see him as a 2nd RB. Will he bump Harrison off the roster or just Buckley?

5 Julian Vandervelde, G. Meh. Possibly makes the roster but I felt this was too early for a backup O-lineman who probably would have been available in the 7th. Not a great pick.

6 Jason Kelce, C. Good spot for one of the top Centers in the draft. We could use another pure C to push Jackson.

6 Brian Rolle, OLB. Love this pick. Excellent college player who profiles well in our style of defense. Some had a 3rd round grade on him. I know, I know, he’s small-ish. I bet he lights up the preseason and pushes for starter at WILL.

7 Greg Lloyd, ILB. Don’t like it. Can’t see him making the final roster at all. Would have greatly preferred to give Mark Herzlich a chance here.

7 Stanley Havili, FB. Excellent choice to close out the class. Best running/receiving FB in the draft and could start a RB if need be. This is definite insurance for Weaver, but I thinks he makes the team even if Weaver comes back.

Overall, I say we had 6 good picks, 3 bad ones, and 2 so-so. Also worth noting that we turned 10 picks into 11 and picked up an extra 4th next year…in addition to whatever the pending Kolb trade brings us. I guess they plan on signing a vet FA to backup Vick since they didn’t draft a QB? Unless they plan on signing a rookie FA like Pat Devlin or Scott Tolzien and rolling with 2 very young guys? All in all, a good draft for the Eagles. Now let’s get a CBA and win a damn superbowl.

Giants (8 total):

1 Prince Amukamara CB

2 Marvin Austin DL

3 Jerrel Jernigan WR

4 James Brewer OL

6 Greg Jones LB

6 Tyler Sash SS

6 Jacquian Williams LB   

7 Da’Rel Scott RB

It pains me to say this, but the Giants had the best draft of any team, period. Except for Williams, every single pick was a good player at great value. I cursed them for stealing the Prince from us. The only real knock on Austin are the rocks in his head. Here’s hoping his immense talent goes to waste! Even if Steve Smith is re-signed (not a guarantee), Jernigan is going to make an immediate impact at WR and as a returner; his balance and short moves are better than most RBs. Brewer is an ideal developmental/emergency Tackle. I don’t understand how Greg Jones made it out of the 3rd round – he was a beast every time I watched MSU. Sash is an intimidating hitter and Scott is worth a flier with his great measurables. They have reloaded for 2011.

Cowboys (8 total):

1 Tyron Smith OT

2 Bruce Carter LB

3 DeMarco Murray RB

4 David Arkin OL

5 Josh Thomas DB

6 Dwayne Harris WR

7 Shaun Chapas RB

7 Bill Nagy C

Basically, I like the first 3 picks for them but hate the last 5. Good thing I dislike the Cowboys. DeMarco Murray is the one that scares me. He’s got a sick skill set as an inside or outside runner and is a gifted receiver. Here’s hoping his upright running style leads to many fumbles and a shortened career. It wouldn’t surprise me to see 4 of the last 5 picks cut before the season. Did they really improve their roster? I’m not sure they did. (yippee!)

Redskins (12 total):

1 Ryan Kerrigan DE

2 Jarvis Jenkins DL

3 Leonard Hankerson WR

4 Roy Helu RB

5 Dejon Gomes DB

5 Niles Paul WR

6 Evan Royster RB

6 Aldrick Robinson WR

7 Brandyn Thompson DB

7 Maurice Hurt OL

7 Markus White DE

7 Chris Neild NT

First off, I will give Shanahan great credit for actually loading up on players and not having next to nothing as most Redskins drafts have done lately. On a team with so many needs, quantity is important. But on the whole, I thought the players taken were of poor quality. I love Kerrigan as a DE, but I always cringe when 3-4 teams just assume they can convert 4-3 Ends into Outside Linebackers. He may succeed, but he could just as easily bust and that’s not what I want from my 1st round pick. Jenkins was a reach there, so was Gomes. Hankerson was probably their best pick. He has the profile to become a true #1 WR and multiple Pro Bowler, but he needs to receive and accept good coaching. Helu was one of my “will be drafted too high/busts” players and so I was very happy the Skins took him to be their featured RB. He runs very fast for his size…I’ll give him that. But with that ability and the amount of time Nebraska runs the ball, his stats should be otherworldly, but they were far from it. He’s just “a guy” to me. And Evan Royster is barely rosterable in the NFL. Much better college player than pro. Paul could be a quality pick (another physical marvel who needs refinement), and Robinson is very similar to Emmanuel Sanders who made an impact with the Steelers last year. So….where was the QB? McNabb is gone, Grossman is possibly gone (Santana Moss probably gone for good measure)…happy to say that things don’t look very good for 2011 in Washington.