Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

There is no “TEA Party” party! If you ever see a candidate on a ballot with that as their party affiliation, do NOT vote for that person. They are a FRAUD. The TEA party movement has members of the major parties in it, as well as Libertarian, Constitution, etc in addition to Independents like me. But we are NOT an organized political party; it is like that for a reason and we like it that way.

The special election in NY-26 this week was just the latest example of Leftists gaming the well-meaning TEA party voters. They put up a Democrat shill named Jack Davis and ran him under the “tea party” designation. Not a big deal you say? Here were the results: Hochul (D) 48%, Corwin (R) 42%, Davis (TP) 9%. That’s right, the Democrat won by 6 points and the phony tea party candidate got 9. That’s the margin of victory and then some, my friends. And you can bet they will continue to recruit these loser, jerk, pathetic liars in every election they can up to Nov 2012. Don’t be deceived!