I have been a little busy lately, but don’t worry I’m still here! 🙂

Year after year, the average American despises more and more the “typical politician” who doesn’t say what he means, is slicked up by his handlers, has no appreciation of working a real job, is only interested in acquiring greater power. We hate when they have canned responses to every question, have rehearsed answering every scandalous accusation. We have become so frustrated at hearing personal attacks, negative ads and tearing down a candidate’s character with name-calling and slander. Right??? Isn’t that what we ALWAYS say? Aren’t we fed up with “professional politicians”? Didn’t our Founders envision a nation where people had regular lives, regular jobs then only went to the Capital to SERVE and then GO BACK to those regular lives? Don’t we lament the lack of these selfless people?  Then it’s time to ACT. Enough is enough!

Heard this lately? “I really like him BUT…” But what?? This is why we have elections. We The People make the decisions, not an elite class who “knows better” than the rest of us. Both parties have an entrenched establishment that will literally do ANYTHING to retain their penthouse view on the top of the Tower. They want to tell you who is best, who is electable, whose positions are “approved”.  Take the power back from them, say enough is enough!

2012 will be the Year of the Phoenix. Up from the ashes of Socialism we will Rise. And we will  not be TOLD who our standard-bearer will be. The elites will not decide. The media will not decide. We will not be intimidated and we will not be outworked. “Positive Intensity” doesn’t even begin to describe it. We are fed up, we HAVE said enough is enough!