I’ve worked pretty hard the past 20 months or so looking towards the 2012 election. Time to exhale and re-prioritize. I have neglected my blog in a major way and I am sorry to my inner writer for that! So here is a summary:

Unfortunately, I was dead-on correct about Mitt Romney. I fought hard against his nomination because I truly believed that he would lose to Obama. I’m not here to place blame or make excuses, only to say that my fears were realized. My attempts to help get Kevin Wade elected Senator from here in Delaware were also not met with success. Is somebody trying to tell me to get the hell OUT of the Political game?? Perhaps. The good side:

Through the Cain campaign I met many new friends all over America including 2 of my now closest ones; they know who they are.

Through the Gingrich campaign I forged relationships with all of the biggest names in Delaware’s conservative movement; elected officials, candidates and activists; as well as the state GOP executive director. 😉

Through the Wade campaign I met many of the most dedicated Patriots in the state, including one who is so tireless I am not sure he is even human. Ironically he is from the Ron Paul camp, but as a fellow committed Christian and lover of Liberty I know we will work very closely together for years to come.

More than the defeats though, was the realization that the culture is not what I thought it was. The Church is half-asleep and therefore ineffectual. I now know that Elections are lagging indicators, not leading ones, of the nation. People must be told the TRUTH, and the LIARS must be challenged and not be allowed to frame the debate any longer in our Culture.  That is what my focus will be in my new endeavors.

#1 – Do a radio show again. It has been a love of mine since I was a child and I miss it dearly. BlogTalkRadio has a great format and my new show will launch soon. It will be called “Things Not Seen”. Of course, the title has many meanings. Would you expect anything less of me??

#2 –  Start a business. Combining the cultural, political and personal lessons learned of the past 2 years, it needed to happen. It is completed on the paperwork level, just working on getting it ready for full public launch. For now, take a sneak peek at trinitymediaonline.com .

#3 – Rand Paul 2016. Truly our only hope…