If he ever did have any hope of being nominated, much less winning the Presidency, the actions of the past week have put that to rest. At BEST he has proved himself to be a “Northeast Republican”. IE fiscally responsible (in word, not always deed), a leftist on social issues, and interested in GOP Establishment money and “compromise” with Democrats. Now that he has accepted Obamacare and has been dis-invited from CPAC, the gig is up.

He has a 70% approval rating in New Jersey and the Dems don’t even want to run a candidate against him this November – another term as Governor is already assured. But if he truly has dreams of the Presidency, he should know that he will never survive the primary process in 2016. I’m a Jersey boy, I love his moxie, but he’s just more of the same. I implore my fellow Conservatives not to give one penny or minute of your time to Chris Christie over the next 3.5 years.