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On April 30th, 224 years ago, George Washington was inaugurated the 1st President of the United States. This occurred in New York City at Federal Hall on Wall Street (NYSE is across the street today). It is the first day of our fully functioning government. From his address:

“Since we ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of Heaven, can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained: And since the preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the Republican model of Government, are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.

Having thus imported to you my sentiments, as they have been awakened by the occasion which brings us together, I shall take my present leave; but not without resorting once more to the benign parent of the human race, in humble supplication that since he has been pleased to favour the American people, with opportunities for deliberating in perfect tranquility, and dispositions for deciding with unparellelled unanimity on a form of Government, for the security of their Union, and the advancement of their happiness; so his divine blessing may be equally conspicuous in the enlarged views, the temperate consultations, and the wise measures on which the success of this Government must depend.

After being sworn in, Washington (along with the Vice President and both Houses of Congress),  walked down the street to St. Paul’s Chapel to Pray for this new Nation. Their view from the Chapel door was a plot of land we now know as Ground Zero. As Washington said, when our nation disregards “order and right”, Heaven will cease to smile on us. If we are not Humble, He will no longer favor us. His Blessings will be withdrawn and our hedge of protection will be removed. And so it was on September 11, 2001. ON THAT VERY PLACE. As a sign, St. Paul Chapel was miraculously unharmed.


And how did we react? In humility and repentance seeking His face? No, it was Defiance. Today April 30, 2013, the final piece of “we will rebuild stronger” will be placed. Isa. 9:10 will again be brought alive before our eyes. “Freedom Tower” will become the tallest building in the Nation once the Spire is placed. None of these things are coincidences. And there are MANY more. As with Ancient Israel, “the nation’s ground of consecration will become the ground of its judgment”.

9/11, then the financial collapse 7 years later, the rise of evil within our borders and within our Government, these things will continue and grow more severe. We have ceased to rely on God and are now thumbing our noses at Him. Of course there is Hope for us as individuals, but nationally???


Credit to another blogger posting this today: http://barerecord.blogspot.com/2012/04/47-final-beam-of-defiance.html



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Debt ceiling:

March 20, 2006 – “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

April 15, 2011 – Failure by Congress to raise the U.S. debt limit “could plunge the world economy back into recession,” President Barack Obama declared Friday…he said he was confident Congress ultimately would raise the limit. “We always have. We will do it again”

Border fence:

“They wanted a fence. Well, that fence is now basically complete.”  Sure, if “basically complete” means “not even close to complete”!! Look for yourself at the most recent government update: http://www.cbp.gov/linkhandler/cgov/newsroom/highlights/fence_map.ctt/fence_map.pdf

But even those areas marked as “complete” are not what the 2006 Secure Fence Act requiring a double fence calls for. A sneaky earmark in the 2007 omnibus spending bill (thanks for nothing, Kay Bailey Hutchison) let the double fence law slide if the Secretary of Homeland Security didn’t think it was “the most appropriate means”. More power to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, just what we need. L

But even the great spin-meister Obama can’t get away with claiming the fence is “basically complete”. Arizona is literally taking donations so they can complete their sections themselves for goodness sakes! He is blatantly lying to get Latino votes. This kind of politics must END.

Unfortunately, I think there is going to be a part 3 and 4 of this series…

The Lies of Barack Obama

Uncle Sam says Don't Trust Barack Obama!

I have had enough. Lie is a specific word with a specific meaning. Some of the things below are “broken campaign promises” and things that he has “reconsidered”. But unlike the “Bush lied about WMDs” crowd, President Obama engages in actual lies that are easily documented. If you are a progressive, you will see most if not all of these things as “things all politicians do” or somehow are fabricated by “Faux News” and the Koch brothers. But for any rational person reading this, here are, in general chronological order, the lies.

Will not run for President in 2008: Tim Russert: When we talked back in November of ‘04, after your election, I said, “There’s been enormous speculation about your political future. Will you serve your full six-year term as a United States senator from Illinois?” Obama: “Absolutely.” I will serve out my full six-year term. You know, Tim, if you get asked enough, sooner or later you get weary and you start looking for new ways of saying things, but my thinking has not changed. “so you will not run for president or vice president in 2008?”, “I will not.”

After he lied and ran:

Special interests: In January 2007, the Obama campaign described union contributions to the campaigns of Clinton and John Edwards as “special interest” money. Obama changed his tune as he began gathering his own union endorsements. He now refers respectfully to unions as the representatives of “working people” and says he is “thrilled” by their support.

Saying he would only take matching campaign funds ($85 million) during the primaries – McCain agreed – then said he wouldn’t during the general election because “the system is broken” (IE he realized he could raise more than 3 times as much – ended up being $264 million): “If you are nominated for President in 2008 and your major opponents agree to forgo private funding in the general election campaign, will you participate in the presidential public financing system? Yes.”; “If I am the Democratic nominee, I will aggressively pursue an agreement with the Republican nominee to preserve a publicly financed general election.”

Lies proven since being elected:

“When a bill lands on my Desk, The American people will have 5 days to review it before I sign it.”

“I’ll get rid of earmarks.”

“Would have the most transparent administration in history”

Guantanamo bay to be closed within a year.

Lies about the failed “Stimulus”:

Both Obama and Biden talked incessantly about the Unemployment rate going alllll the way up to 8.5% without $700 Billion stimulus. All their “experts” agreed. After passage of the bill in Feb. 09, it promptly rose to 8.6%. Then 9%…then over 10% by October.  Stayed between 9.5% and 10% for 15 more months in a row. Now “down” to 8.8%. Note: During the entire 8 years of the Bush administration, only 3 months had over 6.3% (6.6%, 6.8% and 7.3% in Oct-Dec 2008 – the months before, during and after Obama’s election).

We need a shovel, all right… Jan, 2009: “We’ve got shovel-ready projects all across the country that governors and mayors are pleading to fund. And the minute we can get those investments to the state level, jobs are going to be created.”  Oct. 2010: “There is no such thing as a shovel-ready project”.

Obamacare lies:

All Health Care reform debates/deals will be covered on C-span.

“I am immediately instituting PayGo (Pay as you go)”.

“The health care bill will not increase the deficit by one dime.”

“We shouldn’t Mandate the purchase of health care”

Newer lies:

“We have run out of places in the US to drill for oil.”

Post-partisan? “We can prove that we are more than a collection of Red States and Blue States” vs. “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends”.

“I am not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage.” Then announces for no reason whatsoever that his administration will “not enforce” the Defense of Marriage Law.

Blaming the 2011 budget impasse on the Republican House elected in Nov. 2010. Huge Democrat majorities in both houses could have passed a 2011 budget at any time during 2010 but they refused to they refused to cut spending and did not want to be blamed for raising taxes (which they wanted to do and still want to do).

Speaking about winning elections:  Jan. 2009 after winning, “I won. So I think on that one, I trump you.”  April 2011 after losing, “Getting your way is not how it works”.

Sadly, I think I missed a lot and there will be MANY more to come. Especially now that he is back in Campaign mode…

We all must wise up and rise up and kick this empty suit to the curb in 2012.

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