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I’ve worked pretty hard the past 20 months or so looking towards the 2012 election. Time to exhale and re-prioritize. I have neglected my blog in a major way and I am sorry to my inner writer for that! So here is a summary:

Unfortunately, I was dead-on correct about Mitt Romney. I fought hard against his nomination because I truly believed that he would lose to Obama. I’m not here to place blame or make excuses, only to say that my fears were realized. My attempts to help get Kevin Wade elected Senator from here in Delaware were also not met with success. Is somebody trying to tell me to get the hell OUT of the Political game?? Perhaps. The good side:

Through the Cain campaign I met many new friends all over America including 2 of my now closest ones; they know who they are.

Through the Gingrich campaign I forged relationships with all of the biggest names in Delaware’s conservative movement; elected officials, candidates and activists; as well as the state GOP executive director. 😉

Through the Wade campaign I met many of the most dedicated Patriots in the state, including one who is so tireless I am not sure he is even human. Ironically he is from the Ron Paul camp, but as a fellow committed Christian and lover of Liberty I know we will work very closely together for years to come.

More than the defeats though, was the realization that the culture is not what I thought it was. The Church is half-asleep and therefore ineffectual. I now know that Elections are lagging indicators, not leading ones, of the nation. People must be told the TRUTH, and the LIARS must be challenged and not be allowed to frame the debate any longer in our Culture.  That is what my focus will be in my new endeavors.

#1 – Do a radio show again. It has been a love of mine since I was a child and I miss it dearly. BlogTalkRadio has a great format and my new show will launch soon. It will be called “Things Not Seen”. Of course, the title has many meanings. Would you expect anything less of me??

#2 –  Start a business. Combining the cultural, political and personal lessons learned of the past 2 years, it needed to happen. It is completed on the paperwork level, just working on getting it ready for full public launch. For now, take a sneak peek at trinitymediaonline.com .

#3 – Rand Paul 2016. Truly our only hope…


Reviewing the Landscape

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My predictions for January were almost exactly right! Until the Romney camp and the GOP establishment went into nuclear panic mode after South Carolina, that is. Newt suddenly surged into the lead in Florida and nationally and they knew THAT could not happen. In 7 days, tens of millions in negative ads brought Newt down 10-20 points. JUST LIKE in Iowa. Imagine if those ads never happened…the polls stayed as they were trending and Newt wins Iowa. Romney is reeling, in 3rd place at best, and Santorum is OUT OF THE RACE the same day as Bachmann (seems like forever ago doesn’t it?). Mitt would still win NH, Newt would still win SC but by then, FL would be a 2 man race – as the rest of the Primary season would have been. Romney is quite simply using “divide and conquer” among us conservatives. He has even partnered with Ron Paul to concentrate all their $$ fire on Newt and Rick. I knew after FL that Newt would win nothing in February and likely would have to wait until Georgia to pick up significant delegates. And so it has come to pass.

There are payoffs and promises and backroom deals going on all over this county to get Romney the nomination. I know it for a fact. You probably have verifyable examples too. We CANNOT allow this to succeed my fellow conservative! Many of us are fickle; though we are loath to admit it, we are influenced by the very institutions we rally against. We allow ourselves to be TOLD how to think. This is NOT the way of the Right! And yes, I’m even talking to you Glenn Beck fans who swallow his anti-Gingrich screed with unquestioning glee. Rick Santorum, God love him, will NEVER beat Obama. Just like Ron Paul won’t. Just like Romney can’t. It would likely be close with Romney, but this 99% vs 1% narrative is a trap set specifically for him by the elite Left. And he is up to at least 8 or 9 “gaffes” in just the past 2 months that will be used in absolutely blistering fashion by the Obama machine. Don’t forget that he changes every position he has based on the office he is running for – don’t think that will be used to beat his corpse with? The established power in the GOP once again will push the wrong guy. I am convinced that it is a complete coincidence that GW Bush turned out to be a (mostly) conservative guy – that is the only reason he ever became President at all.

Romney should have won Michigan by 20 points between his bio and deep connections and money advantages. If not for the New England states and the “Mormon states”, he has no depth of support. If the Santorum and Gingrich votes would just consolidate, Romney would be battling Paul for last place in the delegate count. I implore you to re-examine Speaker Gingrich as the boldest, smartest, most fearless candidate, and YES a real conservative who has a unparralleled record of conservatism in office. As Thomas Sowell said today, the fate of the nation, and the West itself, may hinge on Super Tuesday. While I know the show will go on after that because of the lack of “winner take alls”, the stakes really are that high for we conservatives- and we are the MAJORITY, both on the Right and the electorate at large – to settle for Santorum or (shudder) Romney. We must take the fight to the Left, as Andrew Brietbart did.

Newt Gingrich Secures His Name on Delaware Primary Ballot
Dover, DE – The Newt Gingrich campaign submitted 1049 signatures to the Commissioner of Elections earlier this month.  The Commissioner’s office has formally certified this submission and Speaker Gingrich will be on the ballot in Delaware for the Delaware Presidential Republican Primary on April 24.
State Director Christopher Mantei is enthusiastic for the overwhelming support the Speaker has received during the signature process. “We believe that the overwhelming success in collecting signatures for the ballot and the support voiced among voters are tremendous indicators of momentum in this state that will materialize in Speaker Gingrich securing the Delaware Primary on April 24th. Republicans in Delaware have a clear choice between the leadership of Newt Gingrich, responsible government and a stronger America versus the failed policies of a Massachusetts moderate. I’m proud to have led the charge have Newt’s name placed on the ballot in Delaware.”
Republican voters in Delaware have propelled conservative Presidential Candidates forward in past years.  Ronald Reagan had Primary Victories in Delaware in both 1980 and 1984 where he subsequently carried Delaware in the General election.  Michael Reagan, son of the President, along with many other members of the Reagan administration have been campaigning with Speaker Gingrich in the 2012 election cycle. He is also being joined on the trail by conservative leaders such as Gov. Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Fred Thompson, and the list grows daily. The Delaware Gingrich campaign has established leadership in all 3 counties and in many precincts throughout the state.
Sussex County Chair and Tea Party leader Christie Shirey says, “I have endorsed Newt Gingrich because he is the one candidate that can not only beat Barack Obama, but will turn the campaign into a teaching experience on the importance of freedom and conservatism. Newt has inspired me not only through his performances during the debates, but through his speeches, ideals and his growth in his beliefs. Many Candidates claim to support the Tea Party Movement, but only Newt was a supporting member since the planning of the first Tax Day Tea Party Rally in 2009. He has the vision needed to return this Country to the people and its position of exceptionalism. I am thrilled to work for a candidate that I truly believe in.”
Delaware is has a winner-take-all Presidential Primary that will award 17 delegates. This is the first Republican Party in many decades that has the potential to be down to the wire with delegates and the 17 votes going to Delaware’s winner could be the margin of victory. Speaker Gingrich also recognizes this and will not be overlooking the First State. “We need big change in Washington if we are to return America to job creation and economic growth again,” said Gingrich.  “This campaign is about unleashing the American people to rebuild the America we love.  I look forward to bringing this message to the people of Delaware.”
R.C. Hammond
Press Secretary
Joe Jerome
DE State Communications Director
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The potential challangers to Barack Obama currently stand  at 7: Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Jon Huntsman. The Primary process will eventually pick one of them. And I pray that neither Ron Paul nor Donald Trump pulls a 3rd party stunt run that will guanantee Obama’s reelection. So here is what I think:

Don’t know who will win Iowa tonight, but I will say that Bachmann will drop out tomorrow. Santorum buys himself a few weeks with strong showing. Down to 6.

After Romney wins New Hampshire (he HAS to), Hunstman will drop out. Down to 5.

Newt will win South Carolina easily. This may cause Santorum to drop out.

Newt will will Florida but not so easily. This sets up the rest of the cycle as Perry will drop out and Santurum will also if he hasn’t already. Down to 3.

That leaves Newt vs. Romney the rest of the way, with Paul taking 10%-15% of the vote as he usually does. He won’t drop out before the convention because he has enough money and he is retiring from the Congress this year (thank God) so he literally has nothing else better to do.

Once the anti-Romney vote consolidates around Newt, he will pull away and the nomination will officially be his on April 24 after the DE, PA, NY, CT and RI Primaries. OR…the GOP establishment gets so panicked and goes so negative against Newt that it is a bitter fight all the way to the convention with the possibility of brokering…oh joy!

Let the madness begin!

Soul searching and adjusting course

Herman Cain has inspired me this past year like none other.  He has become, and will remain, one of my heroes. I hate the decision he made to end his campaign and I truly believe that history will vindicate his character. It is a huge victory for the forces of darkness in this world and I wish he had continued to fight. The fact is that filthy Aliknsy-ite  tactics took his candidacy down. Being completely honest, Cain’s foreign policy positions cost him valuable support also, but we unfortunately will never get to see just how transformative and transcendent a Cain nomination and Presidency would have been. I gave all I had for him in Delaware and nationally, but it was not to be. I had my period of mourning – anger, sadness, the whole enchilada.

So I was left with a conundrum; out of all the flawed candidates remaining, what should I do?  Should I just sit out the primaries and just go full “anti-Obama” in the summer? Should I throw my support half-heartedly behind someone else and hope for the best? The simple fact that I could not escape is this: I obviously cannot allow President Obama to be reelected but I also cannot allow Mitt Romney to be hoisted upon me and the rest of Conservative America as our alternative. As such, I took a hard look at the remaining field. I can never support Romney or Ron Paul. Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman have no mass appeal and should drop out immediately.  That leaves Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich. I really like Bachmann and think she has done a great job in Congress, but as I predicted months ago, she is a very divisive figure and is prone to gaffes. It is entirely possible that she will finish 4th in Iowa and will drop out afterward and concentrate on getting reelected in Minnesota. That leaves two men I have real problems with for various reasons. I don’t like either of their amnesty stances, I hate the fact that they are both career politicians, the list goes on. But basically, as the 3.5 million debates thusfar have shown, Perry is just not ready for primetime while Gingrich is.  A statement literally unbelievable to me just a week ago, here it is: I am now fully supporting Newt Gingrich for President of the United States.

One of the biggest reasons to support Newt is to have a chance to finish the job We the People sent him to do in the 90s (thanks to Ross Perot) and pass the Balanced Budget Amendment. I am convinced that our financial troubles will never be solved until we pass the BBA and the FairTax, so let’s at least get one starting next year. Another that I always admire in public figures is the courage to speak boldly. Say what you will about him, Newt has one giant set of cojones. So there it is, even given the things I have said about him in the past, it is time for Conservatives to unite behind Newt Gingrich to take down Mitt Romney and then Barack Obama. We may not like our decision in a few years but we know he is preferable to the other two. I will now do everything I can do help Newt 2012 in Delaware and nationally (as MANY former Cain supporters are committing to as well). Won’t you join me?

Herman Cain websites

These are the places to go if you want to find out more about Herman Cain or want to join up to be on his team with me and thousands of others. Remember there are places out there set up specifically to denounce Cain or deceive you – BE WARY. As for me, I have volunteered to be the Delaware State Coordinator assisting the Cain campaign organize support locally. See, anyone can be a “community organizer”! We will not be outworked on the social networks by ANYONE, especially President Obama’s goons.



www.hermancain.wildfireplatform.com (supporters home page with teams, state groups, etc)

www.arealleader.com (fundraising/volunteer page)





www.facebook.com/draftcain.org  – “Elect Cain”: grassroots organization by state – you can search for your specific state by typing in your state name and “herman cain for president 2012”. The Elect Cain and Citizens 4 Cain organizations are approved by the Cain campaign but are not paid employees so are not part of the campaign per-se. (This is who I am working with)




There are other places of course, but I don’t want to overload your donkey! 🙂

Carolina Hurri-Cain

Herman Cain

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Amazing debate last night for Herman Cain. Though I was pleasantly surprised by Rick Santorum‘s performance, the reaction of those seeing Cain for the first time was beyond my widest expectations: http://youtu.be/VXHX1AyHU4Q

I literally cheered and clapped so loudly I nearly woke up my children. Pawlenty did ok, and Johnson and Paul both towed the Libertarian line. But Crazy Uncle Ron is the same guy he was 4 years ago when he won zero states and just a few dozen delegates. No matter if the future debates include Romney, Gingrich or Trump, Cain will still prove to be the most capable and authentic. This guy is “for real” and the people – the real people – the grassroots – the primary voters who really care – are and will continue to see it. No matter where this Cain Train ends up, I am so glad to have been on board from such an early stage. Won’t you help me and thousands more to elect this man and make sure he is the one to replace Barack Obama?

CPAC 2011

Donald Trump

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

I really love CPAC. It’s the annual meeting in DC called the “Conservative Political Action Conference” for those who don’t know. Not a monolithic echo chamber, rather a gathering of the Tribes of conservatism. Some things are agreed on, some things are not. And this is very healthy. Rugged Individualism is really on display there and that’s a great all-American trait. Michele Bachmann does not equal Mitt Romney does not equal Orin Hatch does not equal Herman Cain does not equal Donald Rumsfeld does not equal Donald Trump does not equal Ron Paul. The TEA party was well represented. The gay/lesbian GOProud was there. The “paleo-cons and “neo-cons” were there. Fiscal conservatives, social conservatives and foreign policy conservatives all took turns. Some people embody all 3 of those “legs”, but many do not. One thing they could all agree on was the need to immediately stop America’s slide into socialism. Some differ on how to get there, some distrust others visions on the subject, but the agreement is there and we can work together. On balance, we severely outnumber the Progressives, but they have outworked us. That time is coming to an end, if it hasn’t already.

I listed to many of the speeches and panels, and of course I was looking forward to Herman Cain’s the most. While he didn’t officially announce he is running for President (nor did anyone else), he delivered. I would rate Cain’s the best, Trump’s the most “entertaining” and Ron Paul’s the worst. Not because I disagree with Paul (though I do) but because he has no sense of actual history (our first 4 Presidents all led us into “foreign wars” for instance). What makes it more annoying is his army of “Young Americans for Liberty” that scream their heads off in approval at every chance they get and voraciously boo any dissenters. Trump was absolutely right about Paul being unelectable. He’s not even electable in a presidential primary in his home state (4.87% in 2008). He is right about some stuff too, and everyone today would love to see the Federal Reserve audited. Donald Trump is angry at the Chinese and wants the US to be respected again, but that’s about all I get from him. His name recognition is through the roof, but Romney and Cain have better business track records. I hope he doesn’t run, though the exposure it would get Cain in the debates would be most welcome…

If money/time allows, maybe I will be there next year and I can deliver a first hand account of the festivities right here in this space. 🙂

Election 2012 starts now

Let’s be honest, I will be voting for/supporting/helping the campaign of whomever the Republican nominee is next year. I know this because the Progressive/socialist slide has got to be stopped at all levels beginning with the Presidency and because nearly all the prospective candidates are unabashed pro-Constitution, limited government Conservatives. Too early you say? Well the first debate is scheduled for May 2, so hats will be in the ring very soon. I wanted to put my thoughts out there now and go through the names and give you my thoughts on each.

Fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin:  My heart says yes but my head says no. As much as the MSM would love for her to be the nominee (so she could be defeated by their Dear Leader), even if she did try, I don’t think she would win. For me, it was when she resigned the governorship. She should remain the force that she is, outside the process. I think she senses this too. Gut feeling, not running.

Fmr. Gov. Mitt Romney:  We saw him in 2008. Lots going for him, but “romneycare” may doom him.  I like him but seems a little too “slick” at times. Would be a formidable opponent for Obama with his business background. Definitely running.

Fmr. Gov. Mike Huckabee: Saw him in 2008 also. Hasn’t changed since then. Good VP choice but not President. Something is just missing. Very likeable and genuine though. Would give Obama a run for it, but has a great life right now. Gut feeling, not running.

Fmr. Gov. Tim Pawlenty:  Wouldn’t have minded him being the VP choice for McCain. Lots to like. The only thing holding him back in my mind is a tinge of “typical politican”; that will rub people the wrong way but he may overcome it and would be bad news for Obama. Definitely running.

Rep. Michele Bachmann: TEA party backer from the beginning; would make some waves in the primaries for sure, but the work she is doing in Congress is too important. Gut feeling, not running.

Sen. Jim DeMint: see Bachmann.

Sen. Marco Rubio/Sen. Rand Paul/Gov. Nikki Haley/Rep. Allen West: Elected directly by the TEA parties, just getting started. Not this time, but the future is bright for all 4.

Gov. Chris Christie/Gov. Bobby Jindal/Gov. Rick Perry:  All of these governors are doing great at home, none will run.

Hon. Rudy Guiliani:  My Man in 2008. If he couldn’t win then, he certainly won’t now. He may try if he sees an opening for a “moderate”. Still, I believe he would defeat Obama in a general election. If Palin/Huckabee don’t run, he won’t either.

Gov. Mitch Daniels:  Meh. Nothing that stands out to me. Probably running.

Fmr. Sen. Rick Santorum:  Too divisive for a general election, would get crushed by Obama. But social conservatives will give him a look. Probably running.

Fmr. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich: He’s a good historian, author and lecturer, but his time has passed long ago. Is a symbol of the “old guard” – career politician gone bad. He needs to go away. Probably running unfortunately.

Gov. Haley Barbour:  “Down home” southern boy, smart guy, good leader, will have a tough time in the general. 50/50 chance.

Sen. John Thune: A serious candidate from a small state (SD). Depends on how he handles the nationwide process. Has potential to be the nominee, and even President, but can he raise enough money? Probably running.

Rep. Ron Paul:  Frankly, Ron Paul has a screw loose. He’s a great Libertarian voice in the House, and should stay there. Has a RABID band of supporters who will accept nothing but him (nobody else lives up to his perfect libertarianism). Both he and they are an impediment. They talk a big game, routinely badmouthing opponents, but get almost no votes in primaries as 2008 showed. Stands no chance against Obama. 50/50 chance, unfortunately.

Fmr. Gov. George Pataki: Meh. Another has-been looking for a “moderate” opening. He may jump in but then bow out very quickly.

And then there is my choice…the best of all worlds, the man who can defeat Obama, redefine the conservative movement and the TEA party to the world at large, and has the experience and common sense we need so badly…

CEO/Fed. Chief/Author/radio host/cancer survivor/TEA party backed Herman Cain. True outsider, check. Knows sound economic policies (IE fiscal conservative), check. Would fight hard and smart against Islamo-Nazi terror (IE foreign policy conservative), check. Social conservative down the line, check. The more you find out about this man, the more amazed you are. Has the money and will to win the nomination. And in a general election will basically “out-Obama” Obama. He’s a better speaker (hard to believe but true), he’s smarter, he’s not duplicitous, and frankly he’s “blacker”. As a TEA party patriot, he has my unequivocal support. So hopefully you will be hearing about him more and more as the months progress. Please go to www.hermancain.com , www.draftcain.org  and watch him obliterate then-President Clinton on government run health care here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WP5dYfBBzU

A poll just out today in Georgia has Cain tied with Romney and beating Palin and he won outright in another poll at Redstate…so the support is building. Can’t wait to see how his plan unfolds. Rest assured he has one. 🙂

So I guess I am projecting the field to feature at least 8 candidates to unseat President Obama. Should be very fun to see play out over the next year. Of course, there is a Senate to be wrested from the Left’s control as well…more about that in the future. CAIN 2012!

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