Time to get real: America has enemies. Christianity has enemies. These enemies are at war with us and we are not at war with them. Therefore, they are winning and we are losing.

For years, militant Islam has been at war with the United States. From the Iranian hostages to Hezbollah’s massacre in Beirut to the first World Trade Center bombing, we were in denial from the 1970’s through the 1990’s. Then there were literal declarations of war issued against us by name in 1996 and 1998. Attack after attack commenced, even including the USS Cole, yet still we were in denial. 9/11/01 awoke many to the Reality of it, but sadly it was fleeting. As usual, the cowardice started in our own government. We could not even muster the courage to declare war on them in return! Yes there was “congressional approval” for a series of military operations guided by the commander in chief under the auspices of the War Powers Act of 1973 but an Act of War as provided for in the Constitution was never even considered. This is important as it demonstrated that we STILL were in denial. America last declared war in 1942 and it likely never do so again, regardless of Reality. We can’t even stop Islam from killing Americans in Afghanistan 12 years after we went to “war” there. Our “rules of engagement” are “risk averse” and show what a sorry state we are in. Now pro-Shariah forces are taking root in America and have said in no uncertain terms “we are above your law”. Victory does NOT look like this, defeat does. Leftists of America and Europe, who should be leading the charge against this anti free speech, anti woman, anti homosexual, pro slavery religion of oppression are aggressively COVERING UP for it. Why in the world would they do such a thing? Common Enemy. That enemy is Jesus Christ. His Church and the fruit of it, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, must be defeated at all costs.

Similarly, 1973 brought another “war powers act”: the Supreme Court of the United States abrogated our 1st “unalienable” right, the right to live. The innocent and defenseless (the “least of these”) were all free to be murdered indiscriminately. The nation allowed the UNalienable to be taken away – as we in the Church looked away in Denial. The rights in the Declaration are GOD’S TO US. They CANNOT be taken away by government. Yet we capitulated and accepted it as “the new normal”. Most did not see it as an attack on the Church, so evil’s forces marched on to conquer more and more ground. The 1970’s through the 1990’s saw the takeover of Academia, the Media and the Courts – the Church’s influence was eroded through attack after attack. Still, we were in denial of the war against us. With the election of Barack Obama, his stated desire to “fundamentally transform” America was validated and our enemy emboldened. Like the USS Cole before it, the freedom of religion in the first amendment was now audaciously targeted. The HHS mandate against the Catholic Church in Jan. 2012 was that attack. All Christians must stand United and realize exactly what is happening.  Yet another Natural Right is being taken away. What exactly does it mean when the Bishops say “we will not comply”? Have you thought it through? Are you prepared for civil disobedience…and more? Will the “delayed implementation” date of Aug. 2013 be the equivalent of 9/11? This sudden “all systems go” push…no, DEMAND…for “gay marriage” is just part of the same coordinated attack against the Church. Victory in that sphere (state by state or federal, no matter) will be used to close Churches throughout this nation and to persecute those who disobey. Are you still in denial? Our enemy knows the rule of war, do we? The rule is singular: “We win, they lose. Nothing less. ”

What are you doing and what are you preparing to do? Escalation is coming quickly…